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The recently added story Casting the Runes has been adapted to a contemporary film by the Acorn TV network. Click on trailer above for a quick preview.

Update: Now it’s here! Read our latest Captivating story, titled “Casting the Runes,” by M.R. James

A classic horror story of demonic curses and diabolical deaths!

Or read our horror chat stories, including “The Willows.” by Algernon Blackwood. And look for the upcoming text and narration of the creepy horror story “Ligeia,” by Edgar Allan Poe. These are but two of the fine scary thrillers adapted to chat-story format by Captivated Chat!

Preview the following excerpt from “The Willows,” by Algernon Blackwood, a true master of the ghost story:
If we can hold out through the night, we may get off in the daylight unnoticed, or rather, undiscovered.
But you really think a sacrifice would —
Wait! The gong-like humming just came down very close over our heads as you spoke. Hush! They’re nearby!  
You’re right about one thing, and that is that we’re wiser not to talk about it, or even to think about it, because what one thinks finds expression in words, and what one says, happens…..

[conversation Viewer]

//Me: Good thing the wind has died down.

//Swede: Come and tell me what you make of it. Hold a hand to your ear. Now do you hear anything?

//Me: I hear only the water’s roaring and hissing.

//Swede: Wait. The willows for once are silent, so it should be a good chance to hear the other sound.

//Me: Yes, faintly I hear a peculiar sound—something like the humming of a distant gong. It is repeated at regular intervals, but it is certainly neither the sound of a bell nor the hooting of a distant steamer. I can liken it to nothing so much as to the sound of an immense gong, suspended far up in the sky.

//Swede: A fair description.

//Me: The wind blowing in those sand-funnels, or the bushes rubbing together after the storm perhaps.

//Swede: It comes off the whole swamp and from everywhere at once. It comes from the willow bushes somehow—But now the wind has dropped.

//Me: The willows can hardly make a noise by themselves, can they?

//Swede: It is because the wind has dropped that we now hear it. It was drowned before. It is the cry, I believe, of the—oops! …

Also note: Captivated Chat offers creepy theme music and allows you to hear the text read aloud for many of our scariest tales! Try playing the theme music as you read or listen to “The Willows.”

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