Big Mr. Little, Part 4

By Captivated Chat

making wishes real, Big Mr. Little, Part 4
‘Poisonous when mixed with Alcohol.’
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//Me: Don’t you order me around. Now stop this nonsense. I’m treating Mrs. Craig. Thank you, Cedric, just put the tray–wait a minute. take that tray out of here.

//Grogan: Doctor, you’d better do what I say.

//Me: Certainly, but I think we should take advice in this from Mrs. Craig, that’s all.  

//Grogan: Well, I have been listening.

//Robin: You don’t know the enormity of what you are considering, dear. I love you, and want you to stay out of trouble. 

//Grogan: You all should never underestimate a little man. 

//Me: No, no. I don’t. 

//Mrs. Craig: Mr. Grogan? Do you hear me? You should call the police. We’ll see that the community rewards you with contracts for you company, awards, and more.

//Me: He hears you, but he won’t do anything about it. 

//Grogan: Right. Here is my plan, all right? You two are going to help me get everything in the world I want! Yes, everything!

//Me: What’d I tell you? 

//Grogan: The deal is that you will write a letter. I will decide on three influential gentlemen in our government, and three wealthy men in industry to whom you will send a letter explaining about me. 

//Me: They won’t believe you.

//Grogan: They won’t believe, but at the time I tell them to, they’ll die! And the television and newspapers will know about it before that. Everyone will believe me, then, won’t they?

//Robin: Charles! Stop this!

//Grogan: And so as not to die, everyone will do exactly as I want! 

//Me: One thing…

//Grogan: See, that’s because they won’t have any choice. Perhaps they’ll send soldiers against me! I’ll wish that they’ll be dead, and they will be. So from Washington to London to Moscow everyone will be doing exactly what Grogan wants them to do!

//Me: That’ll just be wonderful.

//Grogan: That’ll be wonderful all right! All the good people of the world doing exactly what one little man wants them to do. 

//Robin: No!

//Grogan: Well, doctor. You understand what I’m talking about, don’t you? 

//Me: Yes.

//Grogan: It was inevitable. Of course I won’t want you and your wife to leave here.

//Me: All right.

//Grogan: We had better get to work, or have you any suggestions first? 

//Me: You mind if I have a drink?

//Grogan: Good thinking.

//Me: Anybody care to join me?

//Grogan: Sure, I can use one.

//Me: I sometimes have a martini before dinner. 

//Grogan: Then go right ahead doctor.

//Me: I have a mini bar by the sink, I’ll mix some up. 

//Grogan: Thank you. And you, Mrs. Craig, you’re quite all right now, aren’t you? Yes, I’m sure you are the way that you’re looking at me.

//Me: She is all right.

//Grogan: Your husband will do exactly as I say because you’re both good people, and I’m deaf to good people. And you know that, don’t you?

//Me: Yes, I’m sure my wife knows that. Here is your drink.

//Grogan: Oh yes, and quite a full one! Thank you, doctor!

//Me: I drink to, to your continued good health!

//Grogan: Well, a strong one and a good one, thank you!

//Mrs. Craig: I used to like those too. But I gave them up when — what is it, Mr. Grogan? What’s wrong?

//Me: Yes, the poison has worked more quickly than it should have, but it has worked.

//Mrs. Craig: Then you did slip something in his drink?

//Me: Yes. Grogan made one mistake. A man should never underestimate what good people can do they if have to.

//Me: Hello? Police department? My name is Charles Craig, Doctor Charles Craig. 

//Mrs. Craig: I suppose you must confess, but please don’t tell them the whole story just yet. Talk to a lawyer!

//Me: I am at 872 Vine Street, I want you to come and get me, because I have just killed someone, a man named Jake Grogan.