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The Most Dangerous Game

Click to follow a link to the attached video to view the classic film adaptation of this horror tale. by Richard Connell Ship-Trap Island “Off there to the right–somewhere–is a large island,” said Whitney. “It’s rather a mystery–”  “What island is… Read More »The Most Dangerous Game

The Willows, Part 1

A scary chat story in four parts By Algernon Blackwood Adapted to Chat Story format by Captivated Chat ********** The rising wind ‘The wind is still rising’ Not welcome ‘The psychology of places’ Look for Part 2! Or read another… Read More »The Willows, Part 1

The Willows, Part 3 of 4

By Algernon Blackwood Our meal was beyond question a gloomy one, and we ate it almost in silence, avoiding one another’s eyes, and keeping the fire bright. Then we washed up and prepared for the night. Look for Part 4!

The Tell-Tale Heart, Part 1

By Edgar Allan Poe The first of four scary chat stories under this title. Click arrow above to enjoy related video. The whole story *********** Look for Part 2!

No Place Like Home

By Karen Adkins Sylvia stretched and wriggled her toes, still pleasantly aware of wearing slippers at ten a.m. Retirement agreed with her. Being home agreed with her. She took another sip of coffee and looked happily around the kitchen. After… Read More »No Place Like Home

The Phantom Coach

by Amelia Edwards I crossed over, rapped somewhat loudly, and went in, without waiting for an invitation. A huge, white-haired old man rose from a table covered with books and papers, and confronted me sternly.

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