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Note: You could earn some money from several of the items listed below, like the Ford shop manual site if you are a really good mechanic and would like to repair cars. The down side is dealing with any difficult customers and taking the business risks.

Note also the “piano for all” learning product that offers good instruction at a low price. Almost everyone who would really enjoy playing a tune on a keyboard instrument will find it worthwhile. But we caution: it takes a good deal of time and serious effort. Don’t go into it expecting instant results!

If you’d like to get into making music almost immediately, and you can sing pretty well, try out our recommended Superior Singing Method, an Online Singing Course that you can view from your mobile phone. This really is a high-quality vocal improvement product. And even Elvis took singing lessons. We caution you, however, that Elvis is a done deal.
Still, it would be nice to sing well, and/or play piano, and who knows where it will lead you!  

Piano for all. Learn a leading piano method at a low cost!

This method involves a combination of video and book instruction.

Superior Singing Method. Here is a good online course of singing instruction. Like the piano course, it comes with a guarantee, so give it a try if you are keen on improving your singing, provided you have some talent!

New! Build a shipping container home. Avoid pitfalls with an expert! With the tiny house craze, and the natural desire to avoid the ratrace, this may just be the next big thing. And you can build a house bigger than a shipping container by connecting multiple containers using the designs here. But obtain a good building site and check your local building codes and zoning laws.

Reverse Phone Check. You never know, you may know their name, look up the number! (To paraphrase an old song.)

Ford motors shop manuals. Repair old Ford autos, if you are mechanically inclined and have some ability and/or training and tools. Don’t “go there” unless you have those things or are prepared to get them. But this is a legitimate retailer of Ford motors manuals. You could always look for used copies online first, of course. I’m just saying. Live well and prosper with the ghosts of the machine age.